What is the purpose of the Meet & Greet Session?

Before accepting any new clients, as their dog walker, puppy trainer or other pet sitter & care services, I offer a free meet & greet service. This meeting provides you with the opportunity to get to know me and for me to get to get to know you, your beloved dogs and any other pets in your family. Any relevant paperwork can be completed during the meeting and certificates of accreditations, insurance and DBS checks will be provided for your peace of mind. 

Do I need to be at home when you collect and drop off my dog?

No, we understand many of our clients use our service due to their work and travel commitments. We are happy for our clients to provide us with a spare set of keys, leave them in a secure place or with a neighbour. Any client keys we hold are stored over night, and on days not required, in a secure key safe. No personal information is attached or stored with the keys linking them to your home.

In the event that your keys are lost or stolen whilst the responsibility of Paw Patrol any replacement keys or change of locks will be covered by our insurance.

Will you walk my dog on or off the lead?

We prefer to walk dogs off their lead to provide a greater level of exercise but this is something we only do at the request of our clients. Clients are required to sign a letter of permission in advance but your dog will not be let off the lead until they are comfortable being walked by us and we are confident in their recall. If you would like me to help build on your dogs recall, as this is currently an area of concern for you, I am happy to support you with this. 

The needs of your dog comes first and we will happily walk dogs on or off the lead at your request.

What happens if my dog is injured or taken ill?

I have completed a canine first aid course, certification will be provided and the 'Meet & Greet', and a complete first aid kit is kept in our Paw Patrol van at all times should it ever be required for minor cuts, grazes and stings. In the case of any incident you will be contacted immediately and full details will be taken of your registered vet during the paperwork completion should we need to contact them directly for further advice. If required we can take your dog directly to your vet or home if someone is available to care for them.

Will you still walk my dog in bad weather?

Of course! Rain or shine our dog walks continue. In the rain well do our best to ensure your dog is dried down and their muddy paws are wiped on arrival back home. On those hot and sunny days we will take the shady routes and make sure your dog has access to plenty of fresh water.

The only exception to this would be in the event of a announced storm and conditions had been declared unsafe. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Paw Patrol require 48 hours notice for free cancellation.